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A job hunt is like a labyrinth. We can be your compass.

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Let us save you time, so you can focus on what truly matters.

How we do it

Simply put - we provide a system that turns chaos into order.We'll take care of the tedious task of sifting through numerous job openings to find the ones that truly align with your goals and preferences. We'll work to improve your resume and cover letter, help you pick the best job hunt strategy for your unique circumstances, and work with you on interview prep.Our ultimate goal is simple: to help you find the job you want as painlessly as possible.



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Hi! We're Kate and Dan, and we started Career Compass after experiencing long and painful job hunts multiple times in our careers.Combined, we applied to over 1,500 jobs using every possible strategy. Along the way we built a system that brings consistent results and helps us save our sanity during the job hunt. Using this system Kate landed a job at Google, while Dan worked at LinkedIn and Microsoft.And now, we're on a mission to help every job seeker unlock their full potential and land the job of their dreams.